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(13 March 2022)

Sexy house wife in lingerie takes advantage that her husband is not at home. She invites her kinky neighbor and smokes  while playing with his cock. She then bends and suck his cock and rides it getting it deep in her ravenous cunt. Then he bends her and fuck her rough doggystyle. DB311

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(23 February 2022)

She dressed in a sexy red lingerie to impress her husband. He is pretty tired but when she comes close to him he soon gets an idea and put her suck his cock. One thing led to another and they soon fuck very sensually. DB310

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(19 February 2022)

Lady in red with black pantyhose smokes sensually and masturbates while her husband films her and watches her horny. DB309

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(10 February 2022)

Sexy brunette talking and smoking before her hubby comes to bed. Then they kiss and she fucks him riding his cock, and then he fucks her in missionary position. DB308

He fucks the neighbor when her husband is away
(04 February 2022)

As soon as her husband leaves, this slutty brunette calls in her neighbor.  She lights a cigarette and starts to suck his cock. Then he takes her from behind and fuck her doggy style and before leaving he trows his used cum shot over her in a playful manner. DB307

I am sucking his cock to make him fuck me
(29 January 2022)

I dressed nice for my husband. He is not in the mood for fucking, but when I suck his cock and make him hard, he grabs me by my waist and fuck me rough doggystyle. DB306

Lady in red smoke and masturbate
(24 January 2022)

I dressed in a sexy red long dress, with black nylons and no panties at all. I sit on the bed, smoke and let my hand wander between my legs and I pleasure myself while I smoke. DB305

Getting it hard from my husband in the kitchen
(18 January 2022)

My husband came home bent on fucking me. As soon as he enters the kitchen he starts to kiss and undress me. I get his meaning and soon I get his dick in my pussy on the kitchen table. He fuck me rough and shoot his sperm all over my tummy. DB304

Relaxing and fingering in the bathtub
(16 January 2022)

I take some time off, I went for a warm bath and I cannot help myself fingering and masturbating rough in the bathtub. DB303

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(12 January 2022)

Smoking makes me feel so good. I love to relax, light a cigarette and let myself feel good, let my hand goes between my legs and touch myself, wet my pussy and finger it rough. And.. after I masturbate.. what can be better than smoke again ? DB302

Making love to her horny husband
(07 January 2022)

She is addicted to sex. She cannot wait until her husband lays her on her back and fuck her with great passion. DB293

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(26 December 2021)

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When my husband is not at home...
(15 December 2021)

I invited my neighbor to fuck me quick before my husband comes home to fuck me in the evening. DB300

I like to make sweet love with my husband
(09 December 2021)

I get my husband in bed and I start riding his cock, and then he gets on top of me and we just make love. DB299

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(07 December 2021)

Sexy ass long legs house wife Jessica smokes with her carmine lips sucking from her cigarette. Then she opens her legs revealing that she does not wear any panties and she masturbates rough and long. Then she smokes again to calm her senses. DB298